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We keeps checking your web for uptime and errors. Alerts you when we notice something wrong. You can act before your business is lost, opportunity is not missed, grow your reputation..


Page Status Monitor

Our robots keeps on requesting for the specified pages / url from your server at specified intervals. Mostly we check once every hour. Depending on your plans subscribed and your requiremetns you can vary the frequency of checks.

If any failure is reported on check we will immediately check from a different geographic locations, means a different location and network. If the failure is confirmed then you are alerted abaout the failure so that you can act fast.

Page Load Time

Time taken to completely load your website in a normal browser is checked. We check from all the continents and from multiple locations to have perfect performance metrics infront of you. A normal browser is used, not any backend headless systems. This gives an insignt into the a real vistors experience on how fast your page is loaded. We do use a round robin logic to select the locations from where the test is conducted.


We keep track of the emails by round trip monitoring. We keep on checking your server by sending mails from your server and receiving mails we send from outside.
This is automated at selected frequency.

Error Tracking

If your server generates an error then we alerts you soon so you can act fast. We maintains a standard database of all the error messages. You can add your own keywords which we monitor continuously.


SSH login is checked.


FTP login is checked.

Unique urls monitored